Maximum Reliability and functionality

A partner that ensures that you are a guardian for safety on the road for your customers

We design to perfection
We design to ensure
  1. Precision Control
  1. Constant driving behaviour
  1. Reduced emissions
  1. Dynamic performance in all driving situations
We design to perfection
Our Lasting Values
  1. Designing Systems for the Automotive Industry
  2. Making a difference in the developing world
  3. Providing the best designs on the market today
  4. Making Vehiculartronics a design partner of choice in the developing and the developed world

We design to perfection

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Products & Solutions

Board Designs 
Software Designs
Mechanical Designs
Wiring Harnesses

Service & Support

Specification and Design
Functional Tests
Type Tests
EMC Tests

About Vehiculartronics

Founded in 2016, the Vehiculartronics Group has grown into a proven and reliable automotive electronics technology partner for todays' Body & Convenience, Powertrain and Safety systems.